A Message from our President

Hello!  I am Jacque Deckard and I am the current President of the Indiana Skyward User Group.   On behalf of the Indiana Skyward User Group Steering Committee, I would like to welcome you to our 2020 Skyward Fall Virtual User Group Conference.  I would much rather meet you face-to-face and be able to speak with you in person, but for the safety of everyone involved, we decided on a virtual forum.  There is NO COST for you to participate.  We realize the financial impact that COVID has had on all of us personally as well as professionally.

This is not what any of us would have envisioned our conference to look like a mere year ago.  Over the past few months, I have been working with Skyward and the presidents of the other state User Groups to ensure we still meet the needs of the Indiana Skyward customers.  We believe this virtual forum will appeal to all users and still maintain the high level of support that YOU deserve!  The virtual conference will span from November 2, 2020 through November 13, 2020.  This format allows ALL users the opportunity to join sessions that we hope will accommodate everyone’s daily schedule.  We will rotate topics based on the Skyward suite.  For example, if on Monday the Student sessions are in the morning time slots, the Finance/HR sessions will be in the afternoon.  Tuesday will rotate the suites so that Finance/HR will be in the morning and Student sessions will take place in the afternoon.  The second week of November will focus solely on state-specific sessions.  Indiana DOE representatives along with Skyward State Reporting Specialists will host these sessions as they have done in the past.  I hope that you are able to find some time to join the sessions.  All sessions will be recorded, and links will be posted.  

To register for the virtual sessions please visit our website at https://www.in-sug.org/2020-conference.

This email is also bittersweet for me as my term as President is ending after this year.  Thelma Webb with Wayne Township will take over the reign as President of the Indiana User Group in 2021.  She will do a fantastic job for all of you.  Kristen Hughes with South Ripley Community Schools will become your new Vice President.  Kristen will do an awesome job for all of you. We are lucky to have both of these ladies. They are an integral part of the Indiana User Group.  I am not going away, so please feel free to reach out and I will do my best to assist you.  We have the best support team in INDIANA!  I hope you all enjoy the conference.  Thank you!




Jacque Deckard

President Indiana Skyward User Group

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